Special Creation

J H John Peet | Creation Points

ISBN: 9781846254130 | Day One Code: SP4130


To many, even evangelicals, belief in the historicity of the early chapters of Genesis is an anachronism or, at best, an optional extra  In this book, the author examines the nature of these chapters and explores their impact on a range of fundamental doctrines (as developed throughout the Scriptures), including God, the Bible, mankind and our salvation The contrast between the creationist and evolutionist approached is highlighted Special studies include the issue of the days of creation and the history of mankind.
About the Author:
John lives in Surrey with his wife, Ruth. They are blessed with four children and twelve grandchildren. John has been a Christian since he was 13 years old and is grateful for a godly heritage. He studied Chemistry at university and did research in it. His career has been in education, teaching at secondary and higher education levels. He is an active member of his church, having served as a youth leader and an elder, with particular responsibility for missionary care. His Christian ministry has taken him around the world. Particular interests have included creation, chronology and archaeology. He has written several books and papers on these and biblical studies.

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