In the care of the Good Shepherd

Iain D Campbell | Reflections

ISBN: 9781846251757 | Day One Code: ICGS1757


There is probably no passage of Scripture with which people are more familiar than the twenty-third psalm. The words of the metrical version are among the best loved and most often sung of our Scottish Metrical Psalms. Every statement of the psalm is loaded with meaning and with significance and importance. Enjoy reading through these inspiring meditations on Psalm 23.

About the Author:

Iain D Campbell is a pastor with the Free Church of Scotland on his native Isle of Lewis. He is married to Anne, a teacher of children with special needs, and they have three grown-up children. In addition to preaching regularly in his own congregation of Point Free Church, Iain has preached and lectured throughout the UK and beyond. He enjoys reading and cycling, though not at the same time!


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