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The New Testament is filled with imagery illustrating the co-operative efforts of Christian individuals within their local church: working together as many members we are a building, body, and bride. Each of these images depict relationships of partnership, co-operation, and a sense of mutual responsibility. But what about relationships between churches? Should a church associate with other like-minded local churches?
The answer must surely be yes. But the question of whether we can affirm the autonomous independency of the local church and participate in formally organised associations of churches has proven more controversial for some.
Association makes the case that one follows naturally from the other. Itself a work of association, it assembles a team of scholars and pastors to make the case through scriptural exegesis, historical anecdote, and contemporary application that more can be done together, as local churches associate for fellowship and mission.

First major book length study of Baptist associations

Written by contemporary and well-known Baptist pastors

Written engagingly from varied viewpoints and contexts

James M. Renihan, Ryan King,
Robert Strivens, Jaime D. Caballero
Greg Tarr, Paul Smith, Nigel Hoad,
Barry King, Leonardo De Chirico,
John Benton and Andrew King.

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