Advent Calendar 4

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ISBN: | Day One Code: AC4


A4 Portrait childrens Advent calendar with 24 doors that open with a picture behind them.

They come cellophane wrapped

Calendar Text:

One day, the angel Gabriel appeared to a young Jewish girl, Mary, in Nazareth.  He said that she would give birth to a baby boy, to be named Jesus.  When her future husband, Joseph, realized this baby was from the Holy Spirit he decided not to divorce her. Several months later, Mary and Joseph had to travel down to Bethlehem for a Roman census.  When they arrived there all the houses and inns were full and they had to stay in a stable with the animals.  When Jesus was born they had to put him in a manger (trough).  That same night angels appeared to shepherds in the fields nearby.  They told them that the Christ had been born and that they could find him wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger in the town.  The shepherds rushed off and found Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.  The shepherds were amazed and went about telling everyone the incredible news.  Some time later wise men came from Arabia, following a star and presented Jesus with expensive presents.  The Son of God had been born.

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