Great Ways to Read

At Day One, we have several innovative ideas to help you encourage others to buy and read good books!

What is it?

Project Buy and Bless is a project originated and operated by Day One Christian Ministries which enables your church or Christian organization to purchase excellent books and materials and also to generate finances for any project or operation of your choice.

How does it work?

The concept is really very simple: people in your church or Christian organization place a single order and payment through a contact person; Day One Christian Ministries then supply all the books and materials to a single address. Day One also give an agreed percentage of the value of the total order back to your church or Christian organization for you to assign to whatever project you wish - perhaps an overseas mission, funds for your next evangelistic campaign, a gift to a needy family, etc

Who benefits?

In short, everyone! Your church benefits, as it is a great opportunity to buy excellent materials to help you grow in the Christian faith; the missionary project you have in mind benefits, as this is a creative way of generating funds; and Day One Christian Ministries benefit, as we are able to continue growing and providing excellent resources to people around the world.

Are there cash rewards?

Yes. In addition to a specific discount scheme, Day One offer a sliding scale of Cash-Back rewards: If your church's total order comes to £100, you will get £20 back for your special project; if your order comes to £500, you will get back £150; and if your total order comes to £1,000, you get back £400. And, by the way, we do not charge postage or handling on your order!

How do we sign up?

Day One merely require a coordinating person who will take care of the details of all orders and liaise with our office in terms of order, payment and shipment details. It's as simple as that! Contact our office for more details.

Click here to download an application form, and for details of terms and conditions

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Your opportunity to make great savings on Day One books

Day One Publications is committed to making good books available to a wide range of people at affordable prices. We recognize that seminary and Bible school students are often facing arduous financial circumstances, and we hope that making our range of books available to you at discounted prices from time to time will enable you to make some strategic purchases.

Books must please be ordered on the order-form supplied (click here for a sample), and through your designated person. Payment is required with the order, and a single delivery will be made to the address which has been agreed.

This offer is presently only open to students residing in the UK. This is not a web-based offer, and if you are interested, please e-mail us for more information.



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