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At Day One, we are constantly on the lookout for creative ways in which to get our publications into new markets, and the most recent of these is a partnership with Logos Bible Software. Their software is becoming increasingly popular, particularly as our world becomes more comfortable in using electronic tools for biblical study.

The term 'data-mining' is an important concept for Logos. Are you a busy pastor preparing a Bible study? Are you a preacher looking to optimize your preparation time? Are you engaged in research projects, wanting to find out as much as possible about a Bible reference or topic? Logos software is unique in this respect. Not only are electronic pages designed to 'look' (on screen) as much as possible like the hard copy of the book, but also when a user decides to copy and paste a section of text from its source document into a new document - perhaps the sermon notes or research paper - a full bibliographic credit is automatically inserted into the new document.

Logos has an in-principle agreement to produce over eighty Day One titles, with more to come, God willing. Find out more by following the links below.

Day One Biblical and Theological Studies Collection (24 volumes)

Opening Up Commentary Collection (24 volumes)

Day One Christian Biography Collection (16 volumes)

Day One Creation and Science Collection (10 volumes)

Exploring the Bible Commentary Collection (7 volumes)

Face2face Collection (6 volumes)

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