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On the first day of the week

Iain D Campbell's fine book, On the first day of the week, brings clear guidance to readers on the importance of the Lord's Day within a biblical and historical setting.To whet your appetite, why don't you download a twelve-page abridgement of the book and get a sense of how comprehensively and biblically the author addresses the matter.

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Journey to the city of the King

Story of Mansoul

In Conversation Series

Day One Download
The following In Conversation Series of booklets written by Brian Edwards have been made available for you to use. Copyright is held by Day One Christian Ministries and as such please ensure that this is clearly shown on any 'free' reproduction. Written requests must be made if reproduction is made in which those carrying out the reproduction are making money.

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Baptism in the Spirit Baptist in the Spirit
Healing Today Healing Today
Help I'm Redundant Help I'm Redundant
How do I become a Christian How do I become a Christian?
How do we get guidance How do we get guidance?
Is Hell for ever? Is Hell for ever?
Not under Law Not under Law
Price of Life Price of Life
Tongues and all that Tongues and all that
What is the new age? What is the New Age?
What's special about Sunday? What's special about Sunday?
What's the sense of suffering? What's the sense of suffering?
Where are all the Apostles and Prophets? Where are the apostles and prophets?
Why shouldn't we? Why shouldn't we?



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