Day One Travel Guides

Day One Travel Guides are a unique and popular series of biographies.

Ten reasons why you should use the Day One Travel Guides

A friend of Day One suggested ten reasons why you should use the Day One Travel Guides:

  1. Ideal introduction to our remarkable Christian heritage.
  2. A window on the lives of prominent Christians across many centuries, informing the reader of their conversion, ministry and their trials too.
  3. A superb taster that scholars, readers and non-readers alike can relish.
  4. An invitation to taste before developing a wider interest in the person focussed on.
  5. Remarkable captions of additional information, widening your interest and your understanding of the context.
  6. Great in the hand, the bag, on the train, the bus, the plane or at home.
  7. A series to be collected.
  8. Finely illustrated books which aid the mind and fire the imagination.
  9. A brilliant Sunday afternoon stimulus.
  10. A truly uplifting and educating experience, which can draw Christians closer to God and lead non-Christians to the Saviour.

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