British Museum Tours

Through The British Museum With The Bible

Would you like to tour the British Museum to see the Bible related items?

Clive Anderson, Glenn Shotton, Dub Gannon and Ian Cooper regularly guide groups around the Museum and you are welcome to join one of these groups.

To join a group?

From the schedule below, select the dates convenient to you. But you must let us know in advance by sending an email to Clive ( Providing that day is not already full Clive will send you details of the day's arrangements.

Arranging your own tour - Group size?

To enable a group to be comfortably taken around the Museum 20 people is the desired maximum. If a larger number is to be catered for then more than one guide is required. We will gladly arrange a separate date for groups of ten or more.

The cost?

Entrance to the British Museum is free and we make no charge for the tours. However, it is appreciated if groups would offset the travel costs which amount to around £35 per guide. Any further gift is left to the group's discretion, but nothing is requested or expected.

Who will lead?

We cannot guarantee which members of the team will be leading a tour on a particular day.

What does a tour involve?

A standard tour involvesthe following, although other timings can be arranged to suit your group. We meet at 10.30 for an 11.00 start for the ground floor galleries 1.00 Break for lunch 1.45 to 3.30 ish for upstairs galleries You can buy Lunch in the Museum or bring your own and eat outside (the preference for most of us.) We do not run our tours on a Sunday.

What preparation do you need?

We strongly encourage you to purchase beforehand a copy of "Through the British Museum with the Bible" and to bring it with you for the tour. Click here if you would like to purchase. You may also be interested to know that we have produced two activity books for children 8-12 years to twin with the Travel Guide:Kings, pharaohs, and bandits and Romans, gladiators and games. These are both available in the Museum Children's Shop.

Groups this year



5 April 2014

Buckingham Evangelical Church- TOUR FULL

22 April 2014

School of Biblical Theology EMF

22 April 2014

Colonial Baptist Church - TOUR FULL

26 April 2014

Twynholm Baptist - TOUR FULL

26 April 2014

Butts Church Alton - TOUR FULL

17 May 2014

Christ Church Bromley

31 May 2014

Farnham Baptist Church

07 June 2014

Cornhill Course - TOUR FULL

12 July 2014

Chertsey Street Guildford

July 2014

Torrey Honors Inst Biola Uni - TOUR FULL

You may like to note that Clive and Ian also gives PowerPoint presentations to churches, taking them on a virtual tour of the Museum for the Bible related items. Contact us for details.

BM Power point presentations:



7 May 2014

Chilton Church in Sutton Surrey

24th October 2014

Castlefields in Derby


Needham Market Evangelical Church



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